Private Pilot

D45A7273_bozeman_photographer-2851697966-OThis course is designed to provide the student the knowledge and experience need to successfully complete the Private Pilot written and practical examinations to earn their Private Pilot License.  During this course the student will learn how to operate within the Federal Aviation Regulations and gain an understanding of the National  Airspace System.  The student will learn about the operation of the aircraft and develop their ability to perform basic maneuver and respond to emergency situations.  The student will also learn how to flight plan, including gathering and evaluating weather information, calculating aircraft performances, and route selection and navigation.


Course Hours & Cost:

Hours Cost
Dual Flight Instruction 30 $8,550
Solo Flight Instruction 10 $2,250
Pre and Post Flight Instruction 10 $390
Ground School Instruction 60 $1,500
Individual Ground Instruction 10 $390
Book and Materials 1 $415
 Total: $13,495


Course Hours shown are based on FAA minimum requirements.  Individual students may require additional training to become proficient.